While they aren’t necessarily bad people, this humanoid race is often the victim of extreme racism and hate. While the origin of this race is unknown, the widespread believe is that they are descendants of humans that once made a deal with one of the lords of the Nine Gates. Hereby enhancing their own human... Continue Reading →



Halflings are a folk that is rumoured to be extinct, the last of their people has been foretold to have fallen in the Great Battle of 1206. However, some scholars believe they live in small communities scattered among this torn landscape. Trying their best to keep hidden from all the dangers of this world. However,... Continue Reading →


While this peculiar race has not a singular place they call home, they are often found in bristling cities and high energy communities. These small folk have a particular love for creating new inventions and advancing the technological era. For this reason, the highest placed engineers and inventors in any dominion are often these busybodies,... Continue Reading →


Next to the stonekin, the south-eastern corner of this world is inhabited mostly by the elves. These human-like creatures live in small settlements inside of The Veil Woods. The elves that live in the heights of the trees are often referred to as the wood elves. While the so-called high elves have created small towns... Continue Reading →


In the northern parts of these lands the treacherous mountains of earthly riches are found, these mountains are home to the stonekin. The races that consider themselves among this particular group can also be referred to as dwarves. The dwarves have often settled down inside caves, building their famed cities of stone. While some dwarves... Continue Reading →


Dragonborns are often found near the nest of one of the six great dragons of the world. Furthermore, they often are seen as guardians and protectors of the lore and knowledge of the continent. Having an insatiable thirst to fill their famous libraries with new books and scrolls. Their draconic ancestry brings also some great... Continue Reading →

The Aasimar

Carrying godly blood inside them, an Aasimar is a very rare occurrence in the world. The Aasimars that descended from a particular Deity often carry their mark or a physical similarity. Because of the rarity of their existence, they often are regarded with enormous praise to those that know of their ancestors. Unfortunately, not all... Continue Reading →

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