Aurelian Empire

This great empire is a prime example of humanities ability to adapt. While it is spread across Torn in different climates. The humans living inside of this self-proclaimed dominion are able to live all kinds of conditions. But that doesn’t mean they all live in peace together. Currently the humans are on the brink of a civil war, which could lead to another coming of a Great War.


The Veil Woods

These particular woods are found in the south-eastern parts of this world. The large trees that are found in the middle of this forest are foretold to pierce through the thin veil that separates their world with the plane of the wilderness and fey. It’s rumoured that the elves that live here have an inane connection with nature magic, which often is speculated to be coming from living so close to the border between these two worlds.

Island of Serenity

Not much is known of this part of the world. This comes from the fact that most of the people that venture towards this piece of land that lays in the middle of the divine seas, never return. The humanoids that do return however, are often the centrepieces of heroic deeds and epic tales. Therefor most religious folk believe that this is the home of the gods. Where unworthy people are send to the plane of non-existence and the heroes of this new generation are blessed by their patrons.


This was once one of humanities biggest trade cities. Situated between the borders of the Aurelian Empire and Markandûhl. It was a place that welcomed everyone from all around the world. Nowadays however, the location of this place is unknown. It is rumoured to be the city where the Heroes of the Crimson Wolf had placed their headquarters.


Markandûhl, a city located at the most northern mountain range of Torn. A bristling place filled with people of differing locations all over the world. The majestic capitol of the dwarven community is interwoven with the rocky and protective nature of these landscapes, which together with the incredible craftsmanship of the dwarven architects is considered one of the oldest and strongest strongholds in the world. This city is considered one of the most influential places of the world where every race is welcome. When one seeks riches they will often be found coming to this safe haven.

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